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Южно-Казахстанский государственный университет имени М. Ауэзова.

The theme of the article is “Diversity of advertising techniques in different substyles of mass media”. First of all, it is worth pointing out that the topic of research covers on extremely wide sphere of life. Advertisements take an integral part in peoples’ life. Nowadays people are surrounded by great amount of information including a rush of different advertisements. That’s way the theme is to be actual. The function and goal of advertisement is to make consumers to buy the product, to persuade them to apply to the product. So, the ad agent uses a lot of persuasive techniques appealing to psychology of consumers. Consequently there are many means of persuasion used in this sphere. And this research work is dealing with the study of both linguistic and extra linguistic means used in advertising.

Before only psychological techniques were investigated by such scientists as Eugene A. De Witt and F.B. Evans. The theme turns out to be rather attractive and promising, as the linguistic techniques has not been thoroughly investigated by the native and especially by foreign scientists. So we hope the research work will make at least small contribution scientific aspect. The scientific novelty of the work lies with the analysis of linguistic and extralinguistic techniques used in advertisements transmitted through various media. The ad agent uses a lot of linguistic techniques that are called stylistic devise and expressive means, while preparing the ad texture – linguistic material; he tries to make it colourful emotionally charged words and word combinations, sentence structures. All stylistic devise and expressive means based upon analogy contrast and recurrence are perfect tools the ad creators use to convey their message in advertisements. Being philologists, I feel great responsibility to disclose all the potentials of linguistic techniques applied in commercials. According to The Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to nation of Kazakhstan, the strategy which proclaims the integration of Kazakhstan in a list of fifty the most developed and competing countries of the world, the country should have potentials to promote goods and serves through the international market. And thoroughly done advertisement, in its turn, will surely give a great impetus to our trade promotion in international market. So, we hope the research work based on the linguistic analysis of ad techniques will make at least small contribution to the development of advertising industry.

The Second Matter is dealing with techniques of persuasion and gives theoretical data concerning advertising techniques and their classification given by scholars Eugene A. De Witt and F.B. Evans, in the World Book Encyclopedia. Among those classifications, the most appropriate and principal one has been selected. They are: basic appeals, repetition, analogy, contrast, testimonials, brand, slogan and price appeal. Thus, the chapter discloses the manifestation of all above mentioned techniques in all types of mass media.

Only one scientist Edward F. McQuarrie, the Associate professor of marketing at the Leavey School of Business, in the research work “Figures of rhetoric in advertising language” tries to touch upon the analysis of linguistic layer of commercials. In this work such factor as how a variety of rhetorical figures are integrated in printed advertisements is studied.

The understanding of all the linguistic and other methods manifested themselves in the linguistic and extralinguistic layers is of paramount importance with us, since we, as a future philologists, must be able to use the power of words in its full capacity to produce the necessary impact. So, we hope that the practical results of the work will be used in the sphere of philology (stylistics), as far as in advertising industry.


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