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Южно-Казахстанский государственный университет имени М.Ауэзова

In contemporary political science has developed an ambiguous about the role of ethnicity and ethnicity in the political process. It seems necessary to clarify their definition and content as the basic categories, play a key role in the ethno-political analysis.

Within naturocentric ethno concept essence of ethnic lies in its "nature" which explains the principle or "blood", i.e. bio anthropological features of ethnophors or the principle of "soil" through which fits into the tradition of geographical determinism.

In particular, according to Ratzel, if "people feel in their territory naturally he will always reproduce the same characteristics, which, coming from the soil, will be entered in the people." Idealistic orientation of spirit centric concepts defines as its core ethnic group or its general spirit or mentality or common fate, as, for example, Le Bon.

In turn, the authors of culture centric ethno concept isolated features of ethnic groups, as manifested in the material and spiritual culture. For example, as the most important ethnic markers they release language and way of life.

All three ethnic groups represented concepts integrated in content and therefore ambiguous from the standpoint of political theory and practice.

From our standpoint, for meaningful interpretation ethno politics ethnic group, based on the principles of "blood", "territory" and "language" due to the fact that this idea of the unity of origin, territory unity and unity of language (semantic) space is the most important governmental factors cultural and political mobilization.

This thesis is confirmed by the character and content of the majority of modern ethno-deterministic processes observed not only in the post-Soviet space. For example, ethnic and political problems of the Western democracies (Northern Ireland, Quebec, Catalonia, the Basque Country, etc.) are primarily associated with these factors. Other treatments of the ethnic group culturally and politically less meaningful and do not have, in our opinion, significant political and mobilization potential.

The above concepts of ethnicity in the context of ethno-political discourse analysis and suggest additional clarification categorical apparatus and disclosure ratio of such key concepts as "ethnicity", "ethnic identity" and "ethnic mobilization".

So ethnicity - widely used in the science category, indicating the existence of distinct cultural groups and identities stay. Ethnicity phenomenon studied in a number of social scientific Sciences - ethnology, ethno-political science, ethno, ethno-psychology, etc.

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