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Research of speed-strength training young players aged 15-17 years

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Football is developing thanks to the skill of the player. The appearance of an outstanding football player creates conditions for the development of abilities of other players. This is how the team to which the success comes. Coaching thought finds clarity in tactical actions a team finds ways to enhance the game, looking for ways to improve the training process, constantly aimed at finding ways of Excellence players determines the means of improving the technical equipment of the players. The formula «the team-The coach - the player» is a basis for the development of domestic football. Outstanding personality requires attention, individual work, taking into account the unusual features in the activity of the trainer. Commonwealth and cooperation coach and athlete lead to success. Sport life short, depends on many factors influencing the career football player. In collective team player finds the necessary conditions for the development of their abilities. Most of the sporting life of the player spends in training. Well-formed teacher training provide great opportunities for learning players. Management efficiency speed-strength training young players contribute to general and special culture coach, his right speech, the ability to communicate with players, expressive actions, movements, gestures and facial expressions. The correctness of this provision is not in doubt, but in addition we would like to make an attempt to differentiate the ratio of technical and physical preparation in the speed-strength training. Such a general listing of species of sport and individual exercise does not give a slender idea of the speed-strength training of young players. Coaches and athletes are always interested in the number of species is not used in the training sessions, and their place in the system of training and the degree of positive impact on the quality of the speed-strength training football players.

According to the results of such exercises like jogging on the 100 and 200 meters, long jump, you cannot judge the degree of physical fitness versatile player, as they are included in the mandatory set of his speed-strength training. Other species, used by athletes in the classroom, really characterize their diverse physical fitness, but their relative importance, we can set only conditionally. In fact, if the results of the sprint and jumping can be seen on the various components of speed strength preparedness football (speed, repulsive force, etc.), then determine the technical skill of the player advances in sports such as basketball, bar, swimming it would be very difficult. Therefore, to speed-strength training young football player should follow the exercises that positively interact in nature with basic motor skills, contributing to reduce the execution time of techniques with the ball. It should be noted that the terms "general" or "versatile" physical training did not accurately reflect the essence of the matter. A few years ago the content of general physical preparation was largely common to all role players, and to a large extent for other sports, it is now in solving diverse physical training known preferred means of contributing to the development of the motor qualities that determine the success of the game. Thus, for example, mainly in diverse physical training a stayer is to develop endurance in preparation weightlifters - the development of strength. At the same young players leading role belongs to speed-strength training. Thus, the speed-strength training should be of a directional character, and in comparison with the special physical training have a wide range of different training tools that create a good basis for the development of techniques to work with the ball at speed. The ratio of speed-strength training changes during long-term training players and depends on their individual characteristics. If in the first years of training a lot of time is given to the exercises without the ball, in the future, the focus concentrates on exercises with the ball on a high and speeds are critical to achieving good results, is active in the game.


González, G.; Del Castillo, O.; Romero, S. (2014). Control analysis of the attitude in a team of football players. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 6(3):241-252


Мулдахметов Баглан Нурланович Research of speed-strength training young players aged 15-17 years. // Современные проблемы науки и образования - 2014.-№6. (приложение "Педагогические науки"). - C. 39